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Koppes during her first term has focused on bringing innovation to the Clerk and Recorder office to improve customer service. Her efforts to upgrade the technology are beginning to pay dividends for Weld County residents in both saving customer time and taxpayer’s money.

Early in 2015, when Koppes discovered that the office computer systems were operating on an old copper line technology, she worked to replace that line with a new modern connection that reduced transmission time significantly.  Connections to information from Denver now takes seconds to receive instead of several minutes, making transactions much faster in the Motor Vehicle Department. Faster transactions allow the lines for everyone to move quicker.

Koppes was also successful in making Weld County a pilot project for self-service kiosks to renew license
plates throughout Weld County.  Koppes’ advocacy to allow online renewal of diesel vehicles just like other vehicles came to realization for Weld County residents in 2017.

Clerk and Recorder Koppes also successfully implemented a new queuing system to expedite line management in 2016.  This has helped with controlling the amount of time a customer has
to wait in the office. The system also lets customers know what is needed before they wait in line.   

In 2016, Koppes was appointed by her fellow Colorado County Clerk and Recorders to serve on the State Steering Committee for the selection of the new Statewide Motor Vehicle system scheduled to be rolled out in August 2018. The new system will replace the current decade-old system, resulting in faster and more convenience for Weld County residents renewing their license plates.

Clerk and Recorder Koppes has also brought innovation to the Election department with the purchase of new election equipment.  “Replacing the outdated election equipment had taken more than a year, but I am pleased Weld County residents have a new voting system to serve them well for years to come.  This past Coordinated Election set records in the Election department with how quickly ballots were able to be counted.”  Along with the new election equipment, Weld County became a part of Colorado history as one of the first counties in the State to successfully complete the “Risk-Limiting Audit”, designed to guarantee accuracy in elections.

In the Recording Department, changes have been made to streamline the work in the recording system, including the billing procedures, scanning of documents at the time of recording which allows an immediate return, and improvements in the accuracy of recording.  

Koppes implemented improvements for couples who need a marriage/civil union license. Now couples can fill out the application online before they come to the office to get the license.

Clerk & Recorder Accomplishments:

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